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Asset Performance 4.0

2019 winner

Re-engineered condition monitoring for the hot strip mill

Every hour of extra production means extra output for the hot strip mill. That’s why ArcelorMittal focused on increasing reliability for the heart of the world’s most innovative hot strip mill.

2019 finalists

Prodigis: digitalizing safety for maintenance on railroad tracks

Until this project, the railroad tracks were secured for maintenance by telephone and paper. Thanks to Prodigis, Infrabel is digitising its way of working.

Remote Performance Management for Air Cooled Condensers

Optimizing the performance of an ACC, a critical part of the steam cycle, and performing digital condition based monitoring leads to substantial improvements in overall efficiency and reliability.

Best Improvement in Maintenance & Asset Management

2019 winner

Preventing unforeseen failures with the Motion Amplification camera

The main driver of this improvement project is the reliability of extruders in the finishing department. Thanks to a combination of Root Cause Analysis and the Motion Amplification Camera, Arlanxeo can now get to the roots of unpredictable failures.

2019 finalists

Life cycle planning and long term asset programs

Aquafin wants to increase the reliability of pumping stations, plants and networks via risk-based maintenance, together with a long term plan for renovations and replacements. 

Implementing a reliability policy

With this project, NLMK wants to break the recurring circle of short-term breakdowns and go to the roots of the problems, so they can cut back the failure time and increase the working ratio.

Technical Team of the Year

2019 winner

Maintenance team

The maintenance team at Imec has succeeded in implementing new systems in the day-to-day maintenance work. They also do in-house trainings, which are much appreciated. And: they no longer resist change. The result? The teamspirit is on an all-time high, they work more efficiently and are extremely motivated.

2019 finalists

Towards a centralized maintenance service

Bionerga’s various maintenance teams merged into one service last year. Better organisation, planning and work preparation were the spearheads. They will be happy to explain to you how they have successfully completed this process of change.

Telecom technical team

Fluvius is proud of its technical team because they all work together and go the extra mile when needed. The teamspirit is high: if someone needs help, everyone will put in a little effort. Together they are proud that they are the third biggest telecom-network in Flanders.

Maintenance Manager of the Year

2017 – Maxine Frimpong & Ann Van Look – BASF Antwerpen
2016 – Bert Pieters – PepsiCo Veurne
2015 – Abdellah Azzin & Paul Coring – GSK Waver
2014 – Claude Schuler – SONACA Gosselies
2013 – Marc Begijn – Volvo Car Gent
2012 – Harold Villers – ArcelorMittal Liège – Site Marchin
2011 – Frédéric Deleuze – CBR – Heidelberg Cement Group
2010 – François Depelsenaire – NGK Ceramics Europe
2009 – Erwin Bovyn – SPE-Luminus
2008 – Jan Vanbroekhoven – Philips Innovative Applications
2007 – Pasquale Sinapi – Caterpillar Belgium
2006 – Herman Aerts – Borealis
2005 – Benoît Noël – Industeel
2004 – Guido Aerts – Exxon Mobil Chemical Belgium
2003 – Jos Grosfils – DSM Speciality Compounds
2002 – Erik Creemers – Fina Antwerp Olefins
2001 – Hans De Backker – Janssen Pharmaceutica
2000 – Wout Theuws – Bosal Benelux
1999 – Robert Vander Putten – Schneider Electric
1998 – Daniël Vandendaul – Baxter

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